Garage Door Problems that Need Expert Repairs in Florida

Living in Florida, you rely on your garage door to work properly every day, but even the best quality product can sometimes require a repair. There are many components to garage doors including electronic parts, springs, computerized parts sensors and door tracks. All of these things must be working together for the door to open and close safely.

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Installing a new garage door

What should you look out for? Here is a brief list of the most common problems:

  • The door does not open or close properly.
  • The door closes with a loud thud.
  • The door closes and then opens itself again.
  • The door falls off of its hinges.

These problems are easy enough to spot and you should contact your local garage door repair service for most problems as soon as possible. A broken door is hazardous, especially if it is opening and closing unpredictably.

If it does not open and close correctly, check the batteries in your remote. Sometimes this is all it is. Replace the batteries, check to see if the door opens properly, and your problem is solved. In rare instances, your door could be affected by your neighbor’s transmitter signal. To fix this problem, adjust your remote code by a digit. This should resolve the problem.

If the door crashes down with a loud noise, call your local repair experts immediately. This indicates a problem with the springs or the cables. This is a serious issue that could cause someone to become injured if they snap or come apart.

A door that closes and opens again is often victim to a faulty sensor. There are photo eyes on the bottom of your garage door that sense when the door comes in contact with the track. Your repair expert can help make the adjustments needed to fix this problem. You can also check the photo eyes to make sure they have not become dirty. If you clean them they should work properly again. If not, call your garage door repair company.

A door that has fallen off its hinges may mean the brackets or the track are in need of repair. Try closing the door as best you can and contact your expert repair company to fix this. Often this is simply the brackets that need an adjustment or a tightening, but leave this to the professionals to determine.

Your garage door experts are always ready to be dispatched to your home quickly in the event of an emergency. For the fastest service at the best price, rely on them to complete your repairs correctly any time you need them. They offer the most comprehensive repair services including fixing motors, computers, sensors, springs, and cables. They are highly qualified and skilled to handle all kinds of problems.

When your door needs to be replaced, they can help you select the best one from their vast selection of products. Your expert repair technicians are insured and bonded to provide you with quality service, repairs and installations no matter what your garage door repair needs are.