About Us

Our Mission is to provide resources to encourage and

enhance the development of premier business,

personal growth, and career success of FFA Members.

Our specific purposes are:

To promote and stimulate interest in agricultural leadership and careers for youth in agriculture.

To promote and develop interest on the part of the general public in agricultural education, including the activities of the Florida Future Farmers of America, Inc.

To provide funds for awards, scholarships, or other recognition as authorized by the Florida FFA Foundation Board of Directors and Florida FFA Association to deserving FFA members who have achieved distinction on a national, state or local basis and to administer, direct, or supervise the granting of such recognition.

To publish an annual report of the activities of the corporation, including a statement of receipts and expenditures, and to prepare an issue other publications as may from time to time be approved by authority of the Board of Directors.

To provide or support conference and other educational facilities for the use of FFA members, teachers and such other persons and groups as may from time-to-time be approached by authority of the Board of Directors.

To enhance the community development of Haines City and Polk County through the provision of safe, affordable lodging at the Leadership Training Center for conference guests and visitors from throughout the state and through the establishment of archives and a library to record the rich history of the FFA organization.